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Pivotal Software, Inc. was an American multinational software and services company based in San Francisco that provided cloud platform hosting and consulting services. Pivotal is now a part of VMware.

An angry customer said this in a review" Pivotal software it's slow, it will occasionally not allow contacts to be added, the contact information is not integrated into my email, the iPad application and browser BARELY works, so I have to do all my reporting in my office, instead of immediately after a call, there is no integrated follow-up feature".


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

""Unlimited PTO" that required at least two weeks notice, two approvals and was capped at 10 days (except for some people). The tyranny of structurelessness: Pivotal's company culture is dominated by juvenile, arrogant, toxic, hostile, and unaccountable implicit power structures. They tell you "You don't have a boss." but you do and it's a dozen sycophantic twenty-year-olds who don't know how to program. Fraudulently allocating "Pivots" with limited to no experience as subject matter experts was an absurdly common practice and was rarely if ever questioned. The most obnoxiously arrogant "Pivots" were the ones with the least experience and in fact many were not even capable of writing software more complex than "Hello World" in any programming language or platform. Pair programming is worshiped as a technical panacea but is in reality a calculated bodyshop ploy to circumvent accountability and charge twice the price for less than half the mediocrity. Overwhelming emphasis on conformity to silly, meaningless agile cargo cult rituals rather than actually shipping quality working software for customers. Most of the teams don't even practice TDD. Weekly tech talks that were sometimes nothing more than thinly veiled, passive aggressive public shaming of a person and/or point of view. "Pivots" were often eager to publicly shame colleagues and clients at the daily all hands office stand up for any minor deviation from the mindless agile extreme programming cult yogababble. Crowded, noisy, and messy open office floorplan. If and when you do get honest feedback that isn't just passive aggressive trolling there is a likelihood that it will be a picture of your face with crude genitalia drawn all over it and posted on the office Slack channel. Your manager, office leadership, HR, and colleagues will all think it's hilarious. Leadership predilection for inappropriate sexual relationships with direct reports. Compensation far below market value."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pivotal is so buried in process, protocol, and bureaucracy that getting any actual work done is a challenge. Incompetent people end up in management positions. If you enjoy being micromanaged and subjected to lots of new rules and processes, as well as having to use unnecessarily complex technical tools, Pivotal is a good match for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management in charge of a software product as one employee put it "doesn't understand product development". The commitment to the Pivotal Way that came out of the consulting side is so absolute that they refuse to acknowledge its shortcomings or change anything. The slogan "people over process" is used but it's actually the opposite. Action items come out of surveys and retros but nothing ever gets done. People that offer anything that is seen as criticism are marginalized and disposed of. There is no roadmap for the product other than "fix ALL the bugs"."

Current Employee - Principal Data Scientist says

"Consulting leads to tons of spare time in Data organization. Not an empowering and active learning community. Less opportunities to grow"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Services organization favors/rewards /promotes ex-EMC employees Managers are there for the sake of being a manager and to earn additional base pay hike For services leadership, people are just head count to bill hours If you know people, you get a pass on RPIs"

Former Employee - Sales Engineer says

"Always changing go to market strategy Too many vmware managers that came over didn't value big data Gave up on big data"

Former Employee - Strategic Account Director says

"Extremely clic driven culture and organization If you are not part of the favorited group and get special treatment you are dead in the water "Amateur night " level of management Best sales practices consist of historical revisionism and blatant ignorance of facts EMC 'relationship' consists of meddling and jealousy"


"I was at at Pivotal for a while and really wanted to see the company through till it went public. The product side culture was a problem. The company keeps bringing people in on the top and invests very little in growing its mid level employees - training/people management skills etc. If you're a beginner or 5-10 years into your career, you have the benefit of learning and skill development, but otherwise, you are stuck. This made the culture more of a competitive environment and not a collaborative one. Also the salary and the option value is meh compared to the offers I saw on the outside. Total lack of incentive made it really easy to leave."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Regularly miss release dates, constant reorganization and micro management from senior leaders. Lots of churn in the developer community. Too much toying with org structures and not enough focus on releases, release priorities, Data in or out. Too many egotistical chiefs."

Repacker (Former Employee) says

"This temp agency was a horrid excuse for work. They pressure you into becoming slaves more than employee's. You work around them, and there's absolutely no budging. If you as much as say the wrong word when you go in to get your pay, you're next weeks shifts are gone. I only worked for two weeks at this temp placement. I loved the work but the employer was horrible.n/ahorrible"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"Expected to run your entire life around the company. Unsafe lone working practices. No advancement if your face doesn't fit. Very clique. No real training and very bad staff support.NoneEverything"

Does it matter? (Former Employee) says

"If you thrive in a workplace with no structure, no processes in place, daily disorganization, unsupportive managers- then this is the place for you. Also, if you like rotating managers every month, this is the place for you.lunch provided, kitchenette as well."

General Labourer (Former Employee) says

"job leads were heavily accented, one barely spoke english. work was simple, but required too quick a pace to reasonably maintain"

travail è la chaine, manifacture (Former Employee) says

"Le travail était propre et sécuritaire.Nous devions être organiser et rapide. Ils fallait être polyvalent, travailler dans différent poste sur la chaine montage. L'ambiance était agréable.le personnel était gentisnous n'avions pas toujour du travail au même endroi"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Large open floor concept with several people buzzing around. There is some work culture but has inexperience management with meetings that seem to have no real purpose.overall nice peoplenarrow vision of work place culture"

Accountant/Controller/Proprietor (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work. Challenging opportunity for me as there were many duties I had not handled previously"

DGM - Sales & Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Fast growing Electrical leader diversified in other consumer facing business having market share of 20% Pan India. Got exposure to Sales & Marketing, Retails business, Corporate Strategy & ERP during tenor of 5 years"

Office Director (Former Employee) says

"A great, collaborative culture with a strict agile process. Wide disconnect between executives and individual offices. A great place to learn to be a better developer and work on large projects."

Project Associate (Former Employee) says

"Pivotal taught me everything I know today about retail. Reading blueprints, planograms, and dealing with product. Some co-workers were very lazy but there were a lot of amazing people there as well.Weekends offLong time from home"

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